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Nodi Coffee Mart

Worth 價值
HKD 210

NODI Tote Bag + NODI Coffee Brewer House Blend (250g) (One each)
NODI 布袋 + NODI Coffee Brewer 混合咖啡豆 (250g)(各一)

Details 詳情

NODI Coffee Brewer House Blend
Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia
Flavor: Nutty Chocolate, Herbs, Brown Sugar
Body: Smooth

Terms 條款 

- 獎品領取方法為直接於Nodi Coffee Mart領取。請提早致電Nodi Coffee Mart(+852 2819 3098)確認。The gift is redeemable at Nodi Coffee Mart only. Please confirm in advance through +852 2819 3098.

- 請在領取獎品時出示您的Gafe U帳戶ID。Please present your Gafe U account ID upon prize collection.

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