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Epoch Workshop

Epoch Workshop

Worth 價值
HKD 400

Lavender Coffee Gin 500mL (One bottle)

冷泡薰衣草咖啡琴酒 (一支)

Details 詳情

Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin X Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb G1
Flavour: Floral / Toffee / Camel

Terms 條款 

- Epoch Workshop會將獎品郵寄至獲獎者。獲獎者不需要支付郵費。Epoch Workshop will mail the prize to the winner. The winner does not need to cover the mailing fees.

- 請在與Epoch Workshop確認獎品時出示您的Gafe U帳戶ID。Please present your Gafe U account ID before confirming with Epoch Workshop your prize collection.

- 如果對兌換有任何問題,可以直接經Instagram與Epoch Workshop溝通 (@epoch_workshop)。For any questions regarding your gifts redemption, you are encouraged to communicate directly with Epoch Workshop through their Instagram account (@epoch_workshop).

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